HIV/AIDS cases on the rise in Tml

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From Daniel Kamei/TAMENGLONG, July 18: In spite of the efforts being made by many NGOs and Government agents to fight against the disease and its associated social stigma and discrimination, HIV/AIDS positive cases in Tamenglong district has actually increased in Tamenglong district this year.

Six fresh cases of HIV/AIDS were detected during January to June 2013 at Integrated Counselling Testing Centre (ICTC) Tamenglong.

In 2007, out of 1010 blood samples tested as many as 10 persons were confirmed infected  while three patients of full blown of AIDS cases died in the same year.

However, so far, nobody has died this year although the graph of HIV/AIDS cases detection has shown rising.

Talking to Hueiyen Lanpao, an official of the Integrated Counselling Testing Centre (ICTC) at Tamenglong disclosed that during screening of 1152 blood samples collected for screening during January to June this year, at least six news cases of HIV/AIDS have been confirmed positive.

The official also revealed that out of 1472 blood samples collected during April to December, 2012, five persons were confirmed infected of HIV/AIDS.

When enquired further, the official disclosed that out of fourteen babies given birth by HIV/AIDS infected mothers, as many as ten babies have been saved from the disease through proper medication in time. Of the remaining four babies, the test results on three of them are still awaited but the virus on the other one is believed to have been transmitted from her mother.

According to ICTC Tamenglong, there could be more cases of infection in Tamenglong district but they remain unknown as most people do not come out voluntarily for testing the blood.

While appealing to the people of Tamenglong to come and test their blood, the official said that the Integrated Counselling Testing Centre (ICTC) at Tamenglong provides free services on Prevention of Parents to Child and Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing Centre which is now attached with OPD Tamenglong.

Meanwhile, District AIDS Control Officer, Dr Z Kamei has informed that the department is running with under staff. People living with HIV/AIDS in  Tamenglong are also facing untold sufferings as Community Care Centre, Tamenglong has stopped functioning for long.

Dr Z. Kamei disclosed that he will soon ensure opening of an ART centre in Tamenglong HQs.

The District AIDS Prevention Control Unit has conducting free blood screening camp 3 to 5 times in a month, he added.

Mr John (name changed), a HIV/AIDS patient, told Hueiyen Lanpao that due to lack of Community Care Centre and ART centre in Tamenglong, poor patients like him living in far flung areas are facing lot of difficulties in trying to get necessary treatment.

He also appealed to the concerned authority to look into the grievances of people living with HIV/AIDS in Tamenglong district.